Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection – 8 Movies on 31 Discs

The entire Harry Potter movie series on DVD & Blu-Ray = just as much overkill as the books. I enjoyed the books well enough and was pleased by the impacts it had on children and fantasy reading – but some things do need editing.

It seems that most of the reviews of the movies/bonus content are not pleased as well.

Although, if this was Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or Back to the Future, I would probably be considering the same thing!



2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection – 8 Movies on 31 Discs

  1. MikeCohodes says:

    I wonder what Peter Jackson will do for LOTR & The Hobbit once all 3 Hobbit films are released, I’m expecting some sort of grand compilation set. I’ll probably get that and I’m now holding off on LOTR on Blu-Ray until that huge set is announced.

    1. skillpointstation says:

      I have the Blu ray versions of all 3 of those sets listed above already but with the time it takes to view, the volume level I want to watch them at, and the amount of time I have to dedicate to them with 2 kids around – I am actually debating why I rushed to get them during the holidays. I have yet to watch any from start to finish.

      And Hobbit as 3 movies….still not sure about this at all.

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