Guild Wars 1 – A Retrospective Journey (Part 2) – Wayfarer’s Reverie

The wife and I finished what may possibly be our final, official quest line in Guild Wars 1 tonight. In order to fully complete the quest and receive the reward, a player needed to own the main game and the 3 expansions that were released over the 7 year lifespan of the game.

It took us 4 nights, around 10 hours, and at least 2 nights way past our bedtime to wrap things up. It was a great experience to run through the lands again and we even had a few areas that we’d never even been in before. GW1 did a good job rewarding exploration and GW2 does an already more amazing job. I had never really considered it before but I am heavily considering joining a role playing guild this time around. Not so much so I can speak in old english but as a way to talk about the excitement I experience from exploration and the small hidden stories I come across. As the storyteller that I am I greatly appreciate the love ArenaNet puts into their games so I can have small moments of glee!

If you want to check it out, here is the Wayfarer’s Reverie – Quest Description:’s_Reverie

See you all in Guild Wars 2 soon!

Here is a screenshot from the final quest near the tree that will play a more significant role in GW2 (it gives birth to a new race of people known as the Sylvari).


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