My Writing – Mister Meaner

This post kicks off an all-new on-going installment focused on my speculative fiction. It will contain completed and work-in-progress pieces from my youth through today.  The content will very in complexity, sophisitication and polish. The intention is to give me a reason to re-read my work, share my pieces and insights with the broader community, and hopefully connect and grow with like-minded individuals.

Please enjoy them and feel free to let me know your thoughts. A writer always appreciates feedback when attempting to grow their craft.

The first story is called Mister Meaner – written in 1994. The story is about a boy who attempts to steal a toy model from a drugstore to make good on a dare. It is a dramatization of an actual incident that happen to me as a child. 

After re-reading it, I wondered if I looked like Jayne from Firefly / Serenity with a “stupid” looking hat on my head. I have no idea how I believed I could pull off what was attempted in this story.

I must have stood out as much as Jayne did in his hat!
Close approximation of the model that was discussed in this story

The story can be found here: Mister Meaner

A few items to note when reading these stories:

  • Many of them remain unedited since their original creation date and contain misspellings, improper grammar and made up words. These are in here for flavor and as a time stamp to reflect my age when they were created.
  • Over time, I hope to include “Directors Commentary” in all of my stories. Hopefully this adds some flavor and context for the creative process and my thinking as these stories were created.
  • These are being shared for the benefit of the community and ask for respect to all who read, share, and comment on the material within.
  • All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without express written permission. Contact if interested.

One thought on “My Writing – Mister Meaner

  1. O'Frizz Thirty says:

    This is actually pretty good! I think what I liked most about it was your grasp of mixing actually conversation with the thoughts of that boy. Something I still struggle with. Kept my attention the whole way through and wasnt akward or too personal (if that makes any sense).

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