My Writing – Heirlooms

Heirlooms is a short glimpse into the life of a daughter as she visits the decaying home of her youth.

The plan for this story was originally longer and larger, jumping back and forth through time and seeing different POVs. By the time I reached the end of page 1 I found that I was not really interested in the characters or the story that I was telling. I struggle with fiction stories and found this one, in my head, heading down a boring character study avenue.

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Stranger in a Strange Land – Boys, Girls and Gender Equality

If you have children you may begin to have conversations around the differences between boys and girls. Not physically but with the toys they like, the colors they prefer, the games they tend to play, the clothes they wear, how they act. It is inevitable as a parent to have these conversations as our children try and find their own space in the world and learn what it means to be part of a larger community outside of their immediate family. But what do you do when you hear sexist remarks creep into your preschooler’s mouth?

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Stage Manager of the Mind

In a recent guest blogging post on The Prolific Novelista, I discuss the ability to capture human thought into written language. A worthwhile read for anyone doing their own writing!

Human thought meanders and rages as a maelstrom of amorphous, abstract and absolute concepts – oftentimes between heartbeats.

The ability to capture those concepts and lend them voice through a myriad of forms has become one of our defining human characteristics. Whether expressed through song, dance, architecture, spoken or written word, the journey that concepts take from consciousness to concrete existence is profound.

Read the entire article here – Stage Manager of the Mind

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Movie Review – Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Are you interested in watching a boring, played-out, derivative horror movie? I wasn’t either … but that was exactly what I got when I recently watched Guillermo del Toro’s remake of Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. It seems that I have reached the bottom of my horror movie well and run out of worthwhile options. Check out my spoiler-filled thoughts below…

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