Music – Ladies of Ragnarok Tour

Last night I attended the Ladies of Ragnarok tour as they passed through my town. The musical and comedic tour features The Doubleclicks, Molly Lewis, Joseph Scrimshaw and Bill Corbett. I did not know much about the tour going into the evening – having only recently learned about them from The Last Arcade. After doing some YouTube viewing and digging around it seemed like something up my alley.

The evening was an awesome surprise with a great blend of musical performances, stand-up acts, and comedic readings. I have only recently started to dabble into looking for some new geek music (ignoring Weird Al, Barenaked Ladies, Da Vinci’s Notebook) and came across The Doubleclicks. Only a few weeks later I hear about them coming to my city! Perfect timing.

Playing off the Ragnarok theme, the show opened with a comical, quirky video by the Doubleclicks and Molly Lewis. The subject was about the upcoming end of the world and the possible reasons for why it would happen.

The first performer was The Doubleclicks, a sister geek team, playing their signature cello and guitar. The set for the evening touched on various topics like Star Trek, Dungeons & Dragons, Literature and Velociraptor. While the Doubleclicks already have multiple albums – they focused on songs from their newest release – Chainmail and Cello. Most of the themes were about love intertwined with geek references. I would have liked to see a broader range of themes but understand that they were promoting their latest album. The audience, while small, loved the performance.

The Doubleclicks with Molly Lewis

If you want to know more about them, go to:

If you want to hear their music for free online, go to:

Doubleclicks Set list:
Will They or Won’t They
This Fantasy World
The Way I Glow
Ironically (Featuring Molly Lewis on Kitty Keyboard)
A Lullaby For Mr. Bear
Spock Impersonator
Oh, Mr. Darcy
Clever Girl

The Doubleclicks

The next performer was comedian Joseph Scrimshaw who did some geek stand-up and some geeky readings. I was new to Joseph and his approach to comedy. Some of the pieces were good and some others fell a little flat. In the end, I was pleased with what he did and ended up buying his new book – Comedy of Doom.

Joseph Scrimshaw & Bill Corbett

A comical reading was done by Bill Corbett, the actor who portrayed Crow on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3k). He is now working on Rifftrax, a site that does MST3K style commentary on current movies. The essay was about his favorite movie as a child and his disillusionment with it when he rewatched it as an adult. It was comical, sad, poignant, and accurate. As a parent who is now rewatching many of the shows I loved as a kid with my preschooler, I can completely understand the experience of rewatching something as an adult and being disappointed. The fond memories that we once had, built up to something so much greater, can come tumbling down rather quickly. That was exactly what Bill recounted. His favorite movie as a kid was Billy Jack – and I have added it to my Netflix just to understand the essay better.

The final performer for the night was Molly Lewis. Molly plays ukulele to accompany her witty and topical music. She has a sassy attitude that I immediately appreciated and instantly had the audience laughing. Quick on her feet and able to roll with whatever came at her – a great treat for anyone on stage!

Strike a pose!

If you want to know more, go to:

If you want to hear the music for free online, go to:

Molly Lewis Set list:
Our American Cousin
I Pity the Fool
Yakko’s World
It All Makes Sense at the End
Road Trip
My Bioluminescent Boy
An Open Letter to Stephen Fry
The year of the Bead

We hope you get a chance to check out the musicians and performers listed throughout this review. I know that I had a great time experiencing what they had to offer.


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