Movie List – Horror and Suspense Films Worth Watching This Season

How do you get into the mood for Halloween? By watching scary movies of course! In the spirit of Halloween, we have compiled a list of some great horror/suspense movies worth watching this spooky season.

If you have any additions you’d like to see added, pushing for particular deletions, or ones you want us to review, let us know.

These are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER – simply a collected list that has been developed over time.

Horror/Suspense/Disturbing movies worth watching:

  1. Cabin in the Woods
  2. The Thing (1982)
  3. The Grudge (or Ju-On in Japan, US is better)
  4. The Descent 1
  5. Blair Witch 1
  6. Quarantine (or REC in Spain, foreign is better)
  7. The Ring (or Ringu in Japan)
  8. Exorcist
  9. 28 Days Later
  10. Hellraiser
  11. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2008)
  12. Saw
  13. Mothman Prophecies
  14. Signal
  15. White Noise
  16. Open Water
  17. Amityville Horror (2007)
  18. Pandorum
  19. Paranormal Activity
  20. Event Horizon
  21. Bug
  22. Frailty
  23. Grace
  24. Moon
  25. The Serpent and the Rainbow
  26. Vacancy
  27. Pulse
  28. The Strangers
  29. Three Extremes
  30. Jacob’s Ladder
  31. Joshua
  32. The Omen
  33. Misery
  34. Let the Right One In (Swedish version)
  35. Rosemary’s Baby
  36. Insidious
  37. Antichrist
  38. Silent Hill
  39. Carriers
  40. Stir of Echoes
  41. Identity
  42. Pet Sematary
  43. Angel Heart
  44. Stigmata
  45. Fear
  46. The Cell
  47. Buried
  48. Alien
  49. The Woman in Black

Just Plain Fun:

  1. Shaun of the Dead
  2. Evil Dead 2 / Evil Dead 3 – Army of Darkness
  3. Zombieland
  4. Hot Fuzz
  5. Resident Evil
  6. Slither
  7. Scream
  8. Re-Animator
  9. End of Days
  10. Martyrs

Movies that are still on our list to view and evaluate:

  1. The Innkeepers
  2. The Silent House
  3. From Beyond
  4. Playback
  5. Lovely Molly
  6. The Divide
  7. Resident Evil: Damnation
  8. REC 3
  9. The House of the Devil
  10. All the “… of the Living Dead” movies
  11. Pan’s Labyrinth

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