Article – How to Revise a Novel

ARTICLE: How to Revise A Novel | Holly Lisle: Official Author Homepage.

For the holiday season I received a huge stack of books on writing and editing – which has me a bit daunted with the tasks ahead. Instead of diving into a long book I wanted to read something quickly on the art of editing. I found this article quick and effective for helping me to set the stage for the type of effort, commitment and approach that is necessary for editing a novel.

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Movie Review – Indie Game

Watch Indie Game: The Movie Online | Netflix.


I just recently watched Indie Game: The Movie (which is streaming now on Netflix). The movie follows the creators of 3 of the most amazing indie games through their final phases of development. The games they focus on are Fez (Phil Fish) , Super Meat Boy (designer Edmund McMillen and programmer Tommy Refenes) and Braid (Jonathan Blow).

The movie was one of the first films to be born on Kickstarter – which is also an achievement as well.

If you are interested in learning more about what it takes to make an independent game, the type of crazy and insanity that can come from it, or just a window into the minds of creators and developers, this is worth checking out. It is raw and emotional. Tears are shed and death threats are liberally handed out. It is also a worthwhile viewing for anyone who wants to create, who is creating, who wants to understand the mind of creators. Films and Big Budget Games are made by huge teams but independent games (and books) are created by very few people. It can be a very isolating and insular activity that is libel to have impacts – which this movie clearly demonstrates.

Once you are done watching this, if you haven’t, make sure to listen to the soundtrack for free on Bandcamp:

Lastly, if you haven’t played these games, they are available on Xbox and PC/Steam for very reasonable prices.

Article – 25 Motivational Thoughts for Writers – By Chuck Wendig

25 Motivational Thoughts For Writers « terribleminds: chuck wendig

This list of 25 things is an excellent resource for a writer at any state of the creation/development/execution stage of a project.


One theme that continues to appear everywhere I read about writing is simply this – WRITE. WRITE OFTEN. NO EXCUSES.

A popular quote that I have used, or reworked, for myself when I am approaching new challenges or projects has been this – You either worked out today or you didn’t. Inside that little phrase there exists no wiggle room and it forces you to be completely honest with yourself about whether you did the activity in question or not. You are your own judge and you’ll know when you start making excuses for yourself. When translated to you either wrote today or you didn’t the excuses become fairly clear. If you want to think that really, really long Facebook post is “writing” – that is your call – and you have to search your heart to know whether that is true or not. My guess is that when you really look at it you’ll feel very different when you write something of substance than when you make a few great tweets, post on Facebook or send an email to a friend. That doesn’t exclude all those items and depending on what you are writing, any one of those items might take an extreme amount of thought, of honesty, of courage, of editing to get it to the point where it can be publicly consumed (which is also something many writers don’t do – which is share their writing).

For those interested in using a tool that can keep your daily writing going in an interesting way, give a try! The goal is 750 words a day (roughly 3 pages) and they have lots of nifty tools to help keep you motivated!

The few on here that I really loved: 2, 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, … you know what?! They’re all good so read them all and let your heart and mind be open to their meaning.

Table Top – Dell’s New 18″ Tablet – The Future of Board Games?

Ever since my agency began receiving Surface tables years ago and I started to see what the original Surface tables could do for board gaming – I was excited for the future.

Then when I saw this video of Settlers of Catan being played on a Surface table I saw the theoretical becoming the reality.

Yet the cost for the hardware and the software that was being developed for it eventually ruined what seemed like such an awesome idea.

And it looks like the idea of possible large-scale board gaming digital devices might be coming back. The iPad has been great for only a handful of games (Smallworld shows some awesome potential) but the leap hasn’t really happened.

As much as I love my board games and all the pieces that come with it, that tactile feel, the space I have to allocate is enormous. I’m always that guy who shows up to a party with a bag full of board games which has to take into consideration what the crowd will play, how many people, and how much time – not to mention the size of the game being carried. The prospect of having some games that can be transported and played easily on a device like this seems incredibly exciting.

For now…I will just dream!

Will Dell’s secret 18-inch tablet herald the rise of the Super Tablet? | Digital Trends.

Book – Winning the Story Wars

As I work in digital marketing and am passionate storyteller, I was surprised that I just found out about this book now. It seems to be more focused on marketing but heavily relies on principles from Joseph Campbell and the Heroic Journey.Those interested in learning how to tell stories in a slightly more marketing focused way may benefit from the lessons contained within.

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App – Sneak Peek – Foldify

With all the great artwork that my 2 kids are bringing home lately, I have begun to find ways to capture and catalog their work.

While looking for better ways to do this, I stumbled across this neat iPad app – Foldify.

If you’re looking for quick, easy, cheap and fun ways to create and spend time creating with your kids, Foldify is it. Check it out and see what you can make! I can’t wait to see what the community starts to make around this and quickly download/print these figures with ease. I’ve enjoyed Papercraft and have had various figures up at my desk from time to time – but Foldify makes this even easier!

Foldify for iPad – Create, Print, Fold!.

My Writing – The Phone Call

The Phone Call is the story of one woman’s past revisiting her in the future.

Length: 1 page

Genre: Fiction

Creation/Publication: 1995



The purpose behind this story was to see if I could write a short story in half a page. I have a tendency to long stories. I was reasonably happy with the results.

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