Book – Winning the Story Wars

As I work in digital marketing and am passionate storyteller, I was surprised that I just found out about this book now. It seems to be more focused on marketing but heavily relies on principles from Joseph Campbell and the Heroic Journey.Those interested in learning how to tell stories in a slightly more marketing focused way may benefit from the lessons contained within.

While brands are the subject of this book learning how to reach their consumers – as a writer this should also be our focus. We write a story for ourselves and (hopefully) because we feel we have something to say – but when we forget about our customer/consumer, our message can fall flat. Many authors forget that they are not the true audience and that there is an audience that exists outside of them. That once the story has left the author’s mind and is in written form it becomes something that belongs to the readers and that they will take ownership over.

Just look at what has happened to the Star Wars franchise over the past many years. Fans have out cried at George Lucas and his constant editing/changing/improving of his own story ignoring the fact that his story is no longer his alone but the story of many.

I look forward to finding some time to read this and see what it can teach me both as a marketer but as a storyteller!

Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future: Jonah Sachs: 9781422143568: Books.


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