Game – Miasmata

Ready to experience a new horror game that blends elements from Far Cry, Slither and Myst while stripping away many of the elements you know about common gameplay? Then Miasmata might be for you!


A new entry in horror and, additionally, alternative gameplay experiences, Miasmata seems like it could be really interesting and compelling. One of the features that I think is most interesting is the map / triangulation feature. Instead of just auto-filling your player map, there is a unique approach to using visual cues and tricks to triangulate your position and get your map updated. The other aspect that I like is the lack of an interface an pushing for a stronger user verisimilitude.

I haven’t played the game yet but I hope to give it a try in the coming months. What do you think?

ARTICLE: Miasmata is an open-world horror game where you’re being stalked by one persistent monster.


So go check it out!

Also consider checking out Slither, Amnesia, Dear Esther, Walking Dead and Journey if you haven’t already!


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