Game – Miasmata

Ready to experience a new horror game that blends elements from Far Cry, Slither and Myst while stripping away many of the elements you know about common gameplay? Then Miasmata might be for you!


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As I am about to begin re-editing my novel from NaNoWriMo, I decided to do some digging into what makes for compelling novel introductions. As many know but don’t really understand, novels are not movies, television or video games. But what are the relevant differences?

That the way you grab a reader is different enough that careful consideration needs to be placed on the opening (I would go so far as to say the opening of every chapter if at all possible). NaNoWriMo stresses story movement and speed writing over precise writing. These 10 tips were very helpful in channeling my thinking towards the small and considered.


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Alien3 – Rediscovering a Masterpiece

The Aliens franchise is one of the longer running and most interesting scifi properties out there. It spans 4 dedicated films, 2 spin-offs, 1 pseudo prequel, hundreds of comics, a plethora of games, books, toys and more! When I saw Aliens I became an instant fan and never let go. My fandom went so far that my college film thesis was even on Alien (and a little on Aliens).

Most fans of the franchise focus only on Alien (Ridley Scott) and Aliens (James Cameron) and discard Alien3 (David Fincher) and Alien: Resurrection (Jean-Pierre Jeunet). After reading a few articles and rewatching the movie again, I’ve found new excitement around Alien3 and think you might too!


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Game – Starbound – Preview

From the creators of Terraria comes a game that blends the creation aspect made popular by Minecraft, the space exploration dynamic from Spore, and the (possible) combat similarities to Borderlands. The game will possibly launch in early 2013!


I have never been good at Minecraft-style games simply due to the amount of time they require to see results. I also lean heavily towards games with story and character development. While this game does not appear to have much – I can see the potential for story creation within the mind of the player. Similar to the game FTL, there are sometimes stories that can be created within the experience that happen naturally vs. those created by the developers. One other game like this, Journey, has a stronger story (and an amazing score that won a Grammy!) that has some story but relies on the user and the unique multiplayer component to “craft” your own experience through the game.

There seems to be a unique trend of games coming up with different methods of telling stories and allowing the user to have their own adventure instead of completely relying upon the game developers to push us down their own path.

LINK: Starbound Is Like 2D Minecraft Meets Borderlands…In Space