Hirelings The Ascent – Board Game Review

Looking for a soon-to-be released family-friendly fantasy-themed Candyland-type game? I know that I have been looking for something for my preschooler and this looks like it might be perfect!


LINK: Hirelings: The Ascent Game Review (prepublished version) » Father Geek.

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Table Top – Dell’s New 18″ Tablet – The Future of Board Games?

Ever since my agency began receiving Surface tables years ago and I started to see what the original Surface tables could do for board gaming – I was excited for the future.

Then when I saw this video of Settlers of Catan being played on a Surface table I saw the theoretical becoming the reality.

Yet the cost for the hardware and the software that was being developed for it eventually ruined what seemed like such an awesome idea.

And it looks like the idea of possible large-scale board gaming digital devices might be coming back. The iPad has been great for only a handful of games (Smallworld shows some awesome potential) but the leap hasn’t really happened.

As much as I love my board games and all the pieces that come with it, that tactile feel, the space I have to allocate is enormous. I’m always that guy who shows up to a party with a bag full of board games which has to take into consideration what the crowd will play, how many people, and how much time – not to mention the size of the game being carried. The prospect of having some games that can be transported and played easily on a device like this seems incredibly exciting.

For now…I will just dream!

Will Dell’s secret 18-inch tablet herald the rise of the Super Tablet? | Digital Trends.

Back in the Swing of Things…on Monday

As you might have noticed, I have been out of town and relatively quiet all of last week. Spending tonight getting caught up while watching the Closing Ceremonies (via DVR, to avoid the commercials).

I plan to have a new post for ya’ll on Monday!

We’ve added a few more LIKES to our Facebook page, a bunch more on Twitter, and shared a whole ton of pictures, topics and thoughts for you to ponder over.

Thanks for your patience.