Arts-Centric Schooling – Why we need it!

As a parent of 2 boys in arts-centric schooling, I was recently asked my thoughts on the importance of this type of education. Check out my response:

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Content Consumption – The More Consumed, The More That Remains

I consume geek content constantly. If I can lock my sights on it – video game, book, table top, cell phone, tablet, television, movie, website, comic book, twitter…

Geek content – you are in me!

Nom nom nom!

Here is a window into a somewhat typical day of geek consumption: Played Katamari Damacy on PS2, Played Legend of Grimrock on Steam-PC, Played Outernauts on Facebook, Joined a Guild in Guild Wars 2, Researched geek toys for preschooler, Read preschooler Transformers book, Watched the first 3 episodes of the new Dr. Who (for the first time), Listened to 5 GeekMom podcasts, Fixed my old tower PC & installed some new media management software, reviewed which Xbox games to sell back to Gamestop now that my Xbox red-ringed, worked on 2 separate blog posts, followed a few new Twitterers, and caught up on articles/blogs/tweets.

Ever since I started Skillpoint I have felt the need to ratchet up my daily consumption of all things geek. So much so that I am often consuming more than 1 thing at a time – such as watching a tv show while blogging and tweeting. My brain seems to be struggling to remember everything and is doing little processing. Instead it is focusing more on the emotion of the content than the intellectual enjoyment of it. This definitely is defeating the point.

I have to remind myself that I am currently not being paid for my devotion to these things and there is no “end game” when it comes to the intake of content. The more I consume, the more that remains. Enjoying the content and the consumption at a reasonable pace is what is important. All the exposure to people who know so much more than me has had me wanting to catch up. There are so many amazing contributors to this space that I feel I need to catch up quickly.

Perhaps I’ll work on making a more reasonable content consumption plan…or perhaps plans are too much analyzing and I’ll just narrow the focus and dive deep.

Any tips or thoughts on how you approach the consumption of so much available awesome content?

Back in the Swing of Things…on Monday

As you might have noticed, I have been out of town and relatively quiet all of last week. Spending tonight getting caught up while watching the Closing Ceremonies (via DVR, to avoid the commercials).

I plan to have a new post for ya’ll on Monday!

We’ve added a few more LIKES to our Facebook page, a bunch more on Twitter, and shared a whole ton of pictures, topics and thoughts for you to ponder over.

Thanks for your patience.