NYCC Fantasy Authors Video Panel

As I continue my quest to understand writing, the writer and the craft better, I stumbled across an old video from 2010 with a bunch of great fantasy authors. They talk about their influences, their advice, and their approach in brutal honesty. It is worth the hour of your time but here are a few highlights below…


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Creating a Super Hero Every Day – Inspired Yet?

Pixar Animator Everett Downing decided to create a new super hero sketch (and one line description) every day for a year. Creating something new and unique can be challenging but unless you’re out there doing it, you’re not doing it! Take some inspiration from these!


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Fantasy Writing with Brandon Sanderson at JordanCon 2010

If you are an aspiring author (those in fantasy/scifi might find this more relevant than others), then here are a series of videos from best selling author Brandon Sanderson on Plot, Description, Scene, Setting and Editing.


There are many places to take classes, read articles or review books for these topics, but to hear them spoken somehow seems to be more effective than I would have thought. Plus, it is really amazing to watch someone in the industry revealing their process. Lots to learn!


  1. JordanCon 2010 – Fantasy Writing with Brandon Sanderson – Session 1
  2. JordanCon 2010 – Fantasy Writing with Brandon Sanderson – Session 2
  3. JordanCon 2010 – What an Editor Does

Write About Dragons – Brandon Sanderson 2012 Creative Writing

Brandon Sanderson has made his creative fantasy 2012 creative writing course available for free online. In a series of 13 lectures (broken in 5-7 individual parts each) he covers off on all sorts of topics related to writing, the craft of writing, editing, and the business.


The content is amazing and while it is long (c’mon, it is Sanderson, of course it is going to be long!) it is worth it.  I would highly recommending using some of the free YouTube download software (like to pull the shows down overnight and then throw them on your iOS/Android device for offline viewing!

LINK: Write About Dragons | Brandon Sanderson 2012 Creative Writing (Website)

LINK: Write About Dragons – Lectures 1-13 (On YouTube)

Lastly, if you don’t know who Brandon Sanderson is…check out his amazing books:


Mistborn Trilogy


The Way of Kings

The Cult of Done Manifesto

The Cult of Done Manifesto is the thing that anyone who creates on a regular basis needs to have hanging at their desk. Do you find yourself struggling, procrastinating  creating excuses, smoldering in “negative” feedback? Read the Manifesto. Do you need more encouragement to keep doing things at breakneck speeds the way you have already been doing so? Read the Manifesto!


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As I am about to begin re-editing my novel from NaNoWriMo, I decided to do some digging into what makes for compelling novel introductions. As many know but don’t really understand, novels are not movies, television or video games. But what are the relevant differences?

That the way you grab a reader is different enough that careful consideration needs to be placed on the opening (I would go so far as to say the opening of every chapter if at all possible). NaNoWriMo stresses story movement and speed writing over precise writing. These 10 tips were very helpful in channeling my thinking towards the small and considered.


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Article – How to Revise a Novel

ARTICLE: How to Revise A Novel | Holly Lisle: Official Author Homepage.

For the holiday season I received a huge stack of books on writing and editing – which has me a bit daunted with the tasks ahead. Instead of diving into a long book I wanted to read something quickly on the art of editing. I found this article quick and effective for helping me to set the stage for the type of effort, commitment and approach that is necessary for editing a novel.

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