Article – 25 Motivational Thoughts for Writers – By Chuck Wendig

25 Motivational Thoughts For Writers « terribleminds: chuck wendig

This list of 25 things is an excellent resource for a writer at any state of the creation/development/execution stage of a project.


One theme that continues to appear everywhere I read about writing is simply this – WRITE. WRITE OFTEN. NO EXCUSES.

A popular quote that I have used, or reworked, for myself when I am approaching new challenges or projects has been this – You either worked out today or you didn’t. Inside that little phrase there exists no wiggle room and it forces you to be completely honest with yourself about whether you did the activity in question or not. You are your own judge and you’ll know when you start making excuses for yourself. When translated to you either wrote today or you didn’t the excuses become fairly clear. If you want to think that really, really long Facebook post is “writing” – that is your call – and you have to search your heart to know whether that is true or not. My guess is that when you really look at it you’ll feel very different when you write something of substance than when you make a few great tweets, post on Facebook or send an email to a friend. That doesn’t exclude all those items and depending on what you are writing, any one of those items might take an extreme amount of thought, of honesty, of courage, of editing to get it to the point where it can be publicly consumed (which is also something many writers don’t do – which is share their writing).

For those interested in using a tool that can keep your daily writing going in an interesting way, give a try! The goal is 750 words a day (roughly 3 pages) and they have lots of nifty tools to help keep you motivated!

The few on here that I really loved: 2, 3, 7, 9, 11, 13, … you know what?! They’re all good so read them all and let your heart and mind be open to their meaning.


Stage Manager of the Mind

In a recent guest blogging post on The Prolific Novelista, I discuss the ability to capture human thought into written language. A worthwhile read for anyone doing their own writing!

Human thought meanders and rages as a maelstrom of amorphous, abstract and absolute concepts – oftentimes between heartbeats.

The ability to capture those concepts and lend them voice through a myriad of forms has become one of our defining human characteristics. Whether expressed through song, dance, architecture, spoken or written word, the journey that concepts take from consciousness to concrete existence is profound.

Read the entire article here – Stage Manager of the Mind

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Kiersi Burkhart: Blogging as a platform: Making a name for yourself in your target community

I just completed watching this outstanding video from a fellow author on Blogging as a Platform.

I work in digital marketing and have collaborated with some of the smartest social directors within my company on developing social voice and techniques. With all my previous exposure, Kiersi had some great insights that I hadn’t thought of before.

The video seems most useful for aspiring authors – but anyone working to learn how to create their social voice will benefit tremendously. Give it a watch and then follow her @kiersi

Kiersi Burkhart: Blogging as a platform: Making a name for yourself in your target community.