Media Appearances

Why Encyclopædia Britannica’s “Guardians of History” is a Lovable Voice Experience

Guardians of History: Britannica’s new choice-driven historical adventures

Britannica 250th – Meet the Faces (0:42)

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents their 100th Episode

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Being a Nerd Parent

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents The Sega Genesis

What a 250 year old encyclopedia can teach entrepreneurs about pitching to investors

Chicago’s Top 100 Tech Companies for 2017 (Britannica is #84)

Digital Dads – Episode 98 – Rogue One Discussion

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents X-Men Franchise

Universal Geek Podcast – Pokemon Go

Adler Planetarium – Let’s Do Science – Crystals or Adler Website

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Bioshock

Meawhile…In Comic Book Movies Podcast

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Chrono Trigger

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Star Trek: Deep Space 9

Alcohollywood – Young Sherlock Holmes

Presstartoplay – Episode 21

Presstartoplay – Episode 20

Presstartoplay – Episode 19

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Geek Holidays

E.D.G.E. Theater – A Steampunk Christmas Carol – Staged Reading (Jacob Marley)

Alcohollywood – The Postman

Presstartoplay – Episode 15 – MMORPG & MMOFPS

The Nerdologues – Your Stories – Parental Apocalypse


The Nerdologues – Your Stories – Video – Bottom’s Up

The Nerdologues – Your Stories – Audio – Bottom’s Up

Alcohollywood – Dune (David Lynch) – A Tribal Revolution And The Geek Bar – Coming Soon To Chicago

Hartlife NFP Magic Phone (Radio Race 2014) or Hartlife NFP Magic Phone (Radio Race 2014)

Presstartoplay – Episode 11

Presstartoplay – Episode 10 – Part 2

Presstartoplay – Episode 10 – Part 1

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Dungeons and Dragons

Presstartoplay – Video Review – Transistor

Presstartoplay – Video Review – Tomb Raider

Presstartoplay – Episode 9.5

Presstartoplay – Episode 9 – Part 1

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Galaxy Quest

Alcohollywood – Super Mario Bros

Nerd Outcast Podcast presents Firefly

VStheUniverse – Geek Bar Interview

Universal Geek – Episode 153

Geekspotting – Episode 66

Geekspotting – Episode 65

Monday Moocast – Episode 38


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