The Cult of Done Manifesto

The Cult of Done Manifesto is the thing that anyone who creates on a regular basis needs to have hanging at their desk. Do you find yourself struggling, procrastinating  creating excuses, smoldering in “negative” feedback? Read the Manifesto. Do you need more encouragement to keep doing things at breakneck speeds the way you have already been doing so? Read the Manifesto!


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Stage Manager of the Mind

In a recent guest blogging post on The Prolific Novelista, I discuss the ability to capture human thought into written language. A worthwhile read for anyone doing their own writing!

Human thought meanders and rages as a maelstrom of amorphous, abstract and absolute concepts – oftentimes between heartbeats.

The ability to capture those concepts and lend them voice through a myriad of forms has become one of our defining human characteristics. Whether expressed through song, dance, architecture, spoken or written word, the journey that concepts take from consciousness to concrete existence is profound.

Read the entire article here – Stage Manager of the Mind

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