Hirelings The Ascent – Board Game Review

Looking for a soon-to-be released family-friendly fantasy-themed Candyland-type game? I know that I have been looking for something for my preschooler and this looks like it might be perfect!


LINK: Hirelings: The Ascent Game Review (prepublished version) » Father Geek.

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Creating a Super Hero Every Day – Inspired Yet?

Pixar Animator Everett Downing decided to create a new super hero sketch (and one line description) every day for a year. Creating something new and unique can be challenging but unless you’re out there doing it, you’re not doing it! Take some inspiration from these!


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Alien3 – Rediscovering a Masterpiece

The Aliens franchise is one of the longer running and most interesting scifi properties out there. It spans 4 dedicated films, 2 spin-offs, 1 pseudo prequel, hundreds of comics, a plethora of games, books, toys and more! When I saw Aliens I became an instant fan and never let go. My fandom went so far that my college film thesis was even on Alien (and a little on Aliens).

Most fans of the franchise focus only on Alien (Ridley Scott) and Aliens (James Cameron) and discard Alien3 (David Fincher) and Alien: Resurrection (Jean-Pierre Jeunet). After reading a few articles and rewatching the movie again, I’ve found new excitement around Alien3 and think you might too!


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What Kind of Gamer Are You?

There has been a lot of chatter on group classifications over the past year and long flame wars over topics like geek vs. nerd or casual vs. non-casual gamer. I participated in a few discussions on this lately and wanted to share at a really high level what I came up with.

For what it is worth – here were my quickly scribbled breakouts. I think these apply to video/pc games and possibly board games and pen/paper games.

Casual or Hardcore?

A Casual Gamer is someone who games infrequently and/or on a limited set of games, spends minimal amount of money purchasing games, may have little to no gaming related news on their radar, and can be very passionate about the few games in their wheelhouse, rarely has much to say about gaming.

A Gamer is someone who is informed about the industry/games they like, pays attention to magazines/websites/twitter, may have multiple machines, skilled enough to pick up most games, has time to game but not enough to usually be an expert or played everything out there, can carry on a gaming conversation.

A Hardcore Gamer is someone who takes their gaming seriously – from their machine(s), time spent on message boards/guides, pays for DLC/subscriptions/guidebooks/memberships, informed about games/industry, passionate around competition/multiplayer, gaming ability may be wide and shallow or narrow and deep, usually has plenty to say about games.

Thoughts? Where do you fall? What would you change here?

Guild Wars :: A Forward of What Is To Come


Guild Wars, the PC MMORPG, is one of my all-time greatest games. I have a tremendous amount of passion for this property, the game and the company that makes it. In my wheelhouse of life impacting games, such as Ultima and Phantasy Star, Guild Wars ranks incredibly high. So many of my recent memories are entwined with those of playing Guild Wars 1.

With the release of Guild Wars 2 only a few weeks away on 8/28, I have been spending some time reflecting on why I am so passionate about this property. It took me a little bit of time to convince my fiancé (now wife) to give it a try, but once she did, she was hooked. We’ve been playing together for over 5 years and have shown up for all the in-game festivals, met wonderful people through our guild, and learned the pains and pleasures of playing kid-free to playing with 2 kids now (long stretches of playing are quite impossible without babysitters being involved).

Over the next few days, look for additional articles where I talk about Guild Wars, gaming and storytelling, and gaming with your spouse.