Book – Winning the Story Wars

As I work in digital marketing and am passionate storyteller, I was surprised that I just found out about this book now. It seems to be more focused on marketing but heavily relies on principles from Joseph Campbell and the Heroic Journey.Those interested in learning how to tell stories in a slightly more marketing focused way may benefit from the lessons contained within.

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My Firstborn Padawan Turns Four

My firstborn padawn turns 4 today!

I am filled with nostalgia for days behind and excitement for the future days at the same time. There was a magical threshold crossed at around 4 years where my son started to evolve from being a baby to the beginnings of a “young man”. In geek terms, he has clearly demonstrated the ability to have favorite shows, books and characters. He can understand more complex stories and character motivations. He has even demonstrated he can scheme, lie and manipulate a situation.

He also has shown amazing empathy and resilience, astounding ability to comprehend complex concepts, incredible strength and fortitude, and a memory that rivals my own.

I am a proud Jedi parent!

One of my favorite accidental geek photos of my son was from 2 years ago. We went as characters from Star Wars Episode 3 (I was Anakin, my wife was pregnant Padme (because she was actually pregnant), and my son was R2-D2). I managed to capture the photo, with my shadow being cast over my son, and was instantly reminded of the Episode I teaser poster.

R2D2 Toddler

R2D2 Toddler

Star Wars Episode I - Anakin Teaser Poster

Star Wars Episode I – Anakin Teaser Poster

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Goes free to play this fall!

This fall, SWTOR goes free to play! I am really excited to play through the free content and get exposed to what I have heard has a great single player story. Later reviews have talked about how absent people are in multiplayer areas and that subscriptions have been decreasing. The free-to-play model for MMORPG games continues as the ability to have players focused on 1-2 games with $15 monthly fees is becoming less and less compelling.

I know that I am interested in many of the free-to-play games (once I get a new gaming rig) but feel little reason to convert to much more than that. Thankfully I don’t have an overly addictive personality that feels the need to keep playing; quitting is an option!